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If you want your work, your coaching business or your life to look different than it is now, you must start doing something different and the best way I know to change what we do is to fundamentally change who we are. Once you change the foundations of your being, everything you do and the way you see the world shifts.

The place I coach people from is speaking to what’s possible for them if they were to play full out as the highest version of themselves. I am only interested in what’s effective at moving people from where they are to where they want to be. This is why there’s a big focus in my coaching to changing our relationship to thinking.

Love does extraordinary things to people and that’s why it’s a key component in how I help entrepreneurs, adventurers and coaches to take their businesses to ultimate heights.

Here's what's possible if we were to work together​


Love is the transmission fluid for the vehicle of transformation and our vehicle is a rocket ship. 

What would be possible for you if everything that was holding you back completely disappeared? This is the realm we play in when we work together. 

This isn’t for everyone, this will require the highest levels of commitment you have ever brought to anything in your entire life. This is how we get epic results.

FEESMy fees range from £4k to £24k


If you want to see just how high you can really fly in the next 12 months, this is for you.

We will have weekly sessions, be together for 4 whole days in person and you will have a space on The LAMRON Business Immersion totally dedicated to what you want to create.

This is the highest level of working with me and we will create miracles together.

FEESThe fee for an apprenticeship is £36k

Looking to work with me?

 I am not your typical coach. That’s why I help people create untypical results. But that only happens when we are committed to showing up in untypical ways as well. That’s why I don’t work with everyone and I always want people to have an experience of what it’s like for us to work together before hiring me. 

You must genuinely want to change. I am not interested in forcing anything on anyone.

You must be open to challenging everything you think you know, even your most deeply held beliefs.

I will always speak to the highest version of you because you are already enough.

Everything we discuss will be held in the most sacred confidentiality.

I will not be the same coach in any two sessions because I am committed to constantly evolving.


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