Grow Your Coaching Business to a new normal

“This is not like your regular 7-day business immersion. That’s misleading. It’s six months long and I love that. It starts from the moment you pay and invest in it. Every month for six months before the 7-day retreat there was a group monthly webinar and laser coaching sessions.

Everybody had to watch all of those and there were tons of video resources on what could be helpful in creating a coaching business as well as conversations, clients and income. When we came together for those in-person days it really changed the game because those days then became about solidifying the transformation that already occurred and going even deeper with the being shifts.

Because I upped my level of engagement with this immersion and my commitment to it, it upped the level of engagement I had with my business. Those transformations didn’t leave me. Because I’ve been continuing to nurture those insights, revisiting them and sharing them, they’re part of my being now and there’s no coincidence that off the immersion, in the past few months, I’ve made 25K. This speaks for itself.”

– Rajni Ghir, Professional Coach.
(Previous attendee)


Most coaches are focusing on things that generally don't bring results, for example an impressive online presence, clever sounding copy and a description of how they work that sounds like it would get them hired. What we will be focusing on is have you show up as a powerful coach anywhere and everywhere you go so that no matter where you are you create clients without trying.

Exponential impact

70% of coaches will never make more than £20K in their entire career. This is usually because they can only take clients as deep as they've been. This immersion is designed to take you to the depths of your soul so you can take others there and beyond.

incredible community

There's no substitute for the experiential shift that occurs when you receive yourself through the eyes of the others in the group. You walk the earth with a knowing of how you can impact people. Knowing, not belief. The difference being belief is laced with doubt and knowing is a silent power.

The Business Immersion Experience

6 Months Group Program

There’s no point waiting until June to kickoff your transformation. Our journey starts in January and we’ll have 6 months of online pre-work culminating into the 7-day in-person immersion in England.

Monthly Webinars

The build up to the immersion consists of group coaching sessions designed to create connection within the group and start creating massive results in your business before we meet in June.

1-1 Laser Sessions

Everyone will have a 30-minute laser session in our private group for all attendees to watch. This gives an opportunity for everyone to introduce themselves and get a flavour of what to expect in June.

7 Day In-Person Immersion

The 7 days we spend together will shape the way you create your business and relationships forever.


There is an art to using social media to creating clients. In this immersion we explore that right from the basics of creating content to the art of enrolling clients in a way that is sustainable, authentic and impactful for the people who work with you.


To make sure everyone gets way more value than what they are investing in, I only take a maximum of 12 people to this 6-month program. My promise is that at the end of it, you and your business will not be the same. Expect tangible shifts in your way of being and an exponential increase in your impact and income.

☛   You are debating whether or not you want to have a coaching business.

☛   You are not willing to be vulnerable with others.

☛   You are closed off to exploring your own misunderstandings around creating your business.

☛   You have rigid beliefs that you are not wiling to challenge.

☛   You want it all and you want it now.

☛   You ONLY want to explore tools and strategies and neglect the deeper work around how you are operating in your business.

☛   You are willing to commit yourself to the long term process of transformation.

☛    You want to create your business in a heart-centered way

☛    You care more about making a difference than making a sale at any cost.

☛   You are willing to ditch competition and learn from everyone in the group.

☛   You are willing to participate in this group authentically without hiding.

Gorgeous Stay in a Multi-award Winning Retreat Venue

The 7-day retreat is hosted at a private country estate just one hour’s travel from London in a unique and stylish accommodation providing everything you need for a relaxing retreat in the countryside.

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