The Barbershop Distinction

I was having a conversation with a relatively new coach recently and they asked me about the conundrum they’re in about what to do next. “I want to hire a coach to help me create clients but I can’t afford one so I’ll create some clients first then reinvest the money to hire a coach.” This approach is putting the cart before the horse and in my personal experience it leads to a lot of frustration.

It would be like someone paying £5,000 to learn to cut hair and then refusing to invest any money in chairs, lighting, or clippers until they’ve had paying clients. Most businesses don’t turn a profit in the first 3 years of trading because of their overheads. Coaching is similar, there are overheads to creating money one of which is training & development in the example of the barbershop it would be a premises to operate from.

What I’ve seen a lot of coaches do that keeps them from creating significant money from coaching is the equivalent of the barber continually learning different techniques of cutting hair but never working on the business. This leads to the frustration of “I’m a great coach why doesn’t anyone want to hire me?”

If the barber only learned how to cut hair and never learned how to grow their business it doesn’t matter how good they are they will never have the business they want. This is why I’ve been investing in being coached as my main overhead for the last 5 years. It pays off because I haven’t struggled to create clients for 4 of those years.

Here’s what’s helped me find the right coach/mentor to help me create my business. If you vibe with someone and you think they’d be a good fit for you ask them to help you. If they’re not willing to help you without payment this is a pretty big ask and I would never hire them.

A coach who is happy to demonstrate what they do without the obligation of you signing up to work with them is a great place to start. The majority of coaches entered the profession to help people and the ones who are prosperous are happy to be of service. Those who are in the business of talking about what they do and only coaching when they’re being paid or have the opportunity to be paid are ones I would avoid.

Finding a coach/mentor to help you might look like having a few sessions with someone then seeing that transformation is occurring and then having a conversation about continuing. This relieves the pressure of it “paying off if you invest” because you can see it’s already working. There are coaches who are happy to work this way, if you’re not sure of who they are I’m happy to put you in touch.

Coaching is a noble profession there are coaches out here living in service and coming into the world heart first. If you aren’t surrounded by them please check out the works of Steve Chandler, his books are incredible!

Peace, love & blessings




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