In Steve Chandler’s book “How To Get Clients” he describes the most common things that get in the way of coaches creating clients and how to avoid them. One of them is beautifully described in the following passage of text:

“This is a relationship game. It’s not a selling and marketing game. Most of the coaches who came to the live version of the Coaching Prosperity School had hit a financial ceiling (sometimes a very low one) by trying to sell, brand, market and promote themselves into prosperity without ever focusing on relationships. I was just like they were in the beginning of my own career. Rather than having my coaching day be about creating and cultivating relationships, I had it be about spamming my name and bio and testimonials out into the world hoping relationships would just eventually happen. My system was based on my ego. I, me, me, mine. Getting the word out about ME! Building my ego! Build it (my ego) and they will come! The result? Crickets. Coaching is private and intimate when it works. There is a feeling of trust and safety. Tooting your own horn in someone’s face actually undermines that.”

This hit me like a tonne of bricks the first time I read it and this book is one I’ll be recommending for the rest of my life over any others.  This book WILL liberate you from the strife of building a coaching business in a way that doesn’t feel right to you. 

Here’s another example of what I’m talking about, Steve writes:

“If you are in the airport, and you want to change your flight from one going to Chicago to one going to Tampa Bay you go up to the ticket counter and make that request. The attendant works on the computer and finds the next flight and prints up a new ticket and asks for your credit card. Here’s what she does not do: She does not ask you if you’d like to see a video about the plane before you choose the flight. She doesn’t invite you to go to the airport auditorium to watch a pilot give a talk about the engines and aerodynamics that keep your plane flying. Why? Because you’re not buying the airplane, you’re buying the outcome…the outcome of you being in Tampa Bay. I’m spending a lot of time on this because it’s a shift in understanding that must happen for you to find the best and fastest ways to prosperity as a coach. Why keep trying to sell coaching when that’s not (initially) what people want? Yet coaches do that. They sell themselves and they sell coaching. When all the hours and creative energy spent on that useless and exhausting activity could have been spent talking to someone!”

I read this chapter at least 3 times before I moved on to the next one because it’s just so audacious! It’s audacious to set aside this phoney stuff like selling coaching or myself and literally just show people what I can do to help them create their Tampa Bay – their outcome.

This book is slapping me in my face with how helpful it is and here’s another part that took my breath away. This is from chapter 12, Steve writes:

“Clients don’t come from being advertised to. Clients come from conversations. And once you wake up to that realisation and shift your time and attention and self-promotion to conversations your life gets better as does your bank account. This is the fundamental shift that runs through every idea in this book. It’s a shift that (once it starts to get practiced) works better and better as you go, and feels better the more comfortable and conditioned you are to doing it. And like a diamond it has many facets. Such as the shift in mindset from sales to service. A day spent serving others feels much more rewarding than a day of failed sales efforts. A day spent creating relationships is much more productive and fulfilling than a day filled with marketing frustration and sales rejection. In this system you will spend your practice-building time in cultivation and creation instead of frustrating promotion, persuasion and manipulation. There is even a spiritual facets to this basic shift. You are shifting away from the ego and it’s painful self-consciousness into the much more peaceful and expansive world of compassion, understanding and service.”

There is so much freedom in these words my heart is exploding from the possibilities that keep presenting themselves when I look in this direction.

Peace, love & blessings




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