5 Super Practical Ways To Grow Your Coaching Business With No Marketing

I don’t know about you but when I was starting out on my entrepreneurial journey I felt demoralised when reading through how I ”should be” marketing myself as a coach. Since I dropped all the marketing and just focused on coaching people all the good feelings I had whilst training with Animas came back and I started loving the process again

Here are 5 things I wish I had done from the start:

1. Never talk about coaching, just be about coaching

The best way to kill a potential coaching relationship is to start talking about coaching. It would be like trying to sell a trip to Florida by talking about the type of plane that’s going to take you there.  The best way to show people what coaching can do for them is by showing them not telling them. This is why any time someone asks how I work as a coach I refuse to describe it and instead invite them to experience it by demonstrating it for them.

2. Stop telling people I’m a coach

When I would tell people I was a coach the emphasis of the conversation became me and as a coach that’s an obstacle to my success. Helping people is the fastest way to fill a coaching practice and it’s hard to solve someone’s problem if we’re caught up in a conversation about me.

3. Talk to people I know

Cold calling or DMing people to see how I can be helpful for them very rarely works and in this profession it’s not received well because coaching is intimate and deeply personal. Instead, I want to use inner connections to create conversations and opportunities for me to show people what I do. This might look like coaching a friend, family member or colleague for 2 hours and then asking them “do you know anyone this would be helpful for?”

4. Go out into the world and BE helpful

I wish I had taken this on when I first started but instead I was trying to come across impressive because I was overcompensating for my lack of experience and belief in myself. When I’m being with someone to help them solve a problem then my problems dissolve. My “coming across” ceases to make sense and I’m just with them. This is when my highest levels of service come through me and more often than not people ask me how we can work together. Once I’ve helped someone that would be a great time to talk about how we could work together – having this as a guideline in place is why I don’t struggle to create clients.

5. Stop valuing time

The chances of someone hiring me as a coach dramatically increase after they’ve had a few sessions with me. Sometimes I spend 6 hours with people before they hire me, before we even talk about what it could look like to continue working together. My old paradigm told me “I should be paid for my time & if I don’t value my time by giving sessions for free then who would pay me?” This is not a prosperous paradigm to operate a heart-centred business from and it’s the reason I struggled to create clients for 2 years. Giving my time freely and abundantly resulted in my skill level of coaching increasing massively as well as my income. It’s hard to invest in a deeply intimate relationship with someone if you’re not sure what it’s going to be like.

I hope this helps you & you enjoyed reading this post.

Peace, love & blessings


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