3 Pitfalls Of Social Media I Fell Into & How You Can Avoid Them

I started using social media to create conversations with people to rack up as many hours as I could while I was training with animas in 2017. As a result of this spedupness I ended up getting on the phone with anyone and everyone and it was gruelling to say the least.

When it comes to creating conversations today I do things really differently and now my diary is full of interesting people who are looking forward to being coached by me.

Here’s what changed:

1. Qualification  

This has nothing to do with my certificates (I don’t have any) and everything to do with who is in my diary and why. In the past I was just trying to “get” people into my diary and it didn’t matter who they were or why they were there.

This led me to exhaustion very quickly because the conversations weren’t focused on coaching they were a facade of “getting to know each other” and loosely talking about coaching. So I ended up having a lot of “I’ll think about it and let you know if I’m interested” responses.

The difference now is that I have a lengthy back and forth with everyone I’m considering inviting to experience coaching with me in the messages/chat before we talk. This has really helped set expectations between us and not waste anyone’s time.

2. Demonstration, no description 

People often ask me what coaching is before we get to having a phone call and I used to try and explain it. I don’t know about you but it felt impossible for me. 

I had no idea how to put this magical thing that we do into words and I felt like a failure and somehow less of a coach because I couldn’t give it a description that did it justice.

So I stopped trying to describe it altogether and instead just made a commitment to demonstrating it. I say to everyone who’s interested in it that the best way to understand what it is, is to experience it and that has been a game-changer!

3. Commitment 

I used to have 50-60% no-shows in my diary for 2 years. It was so disheartening I often contemplated quitting the profession entirely. It was only after talking with my first coach the incredible Dan Warburton that I saw what I was doing. I was in the mentality of getting calls booked in which was all about having somewhere to get to. 

I didn’t see it at the time but looking back I was doing the classic “I’ll be happy when my business is doing well”. When in reality I know plenty of people who have thriving businesses who aren’t happy. I was expecting my business to deliver feelings for me that I thought couldn’t be created within me and that was the source of so much of my frustration.

The big change I made was slowing down to create commitment with everyone I spoke with. Before we scheduled a first call or another session I checked in to create an agreement. Here’s an example “Are you willing to commit to reading the first 5 chapters of this book before our session?”

This has been helping everyone I coach get the most out of our sessions and help them to see if I’m the right coach for them and if they’re the right clients for me. Slowing down has been amazing for me because it’s helped me fill my diary with the right clients rather than endless hoping and wishing people will want to work with me.

Peace, love & blessings




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